Procenta® a structural, acellular placental-derived allograft cover.

  • Hydrophilic, sterile and requires no re-hydration or specific orientation when applying.
  • NOT a liquid graft. It is a structural graft stored in a liquid preservation medium.
  • Derived from placental soft connective tissue.
  • Procenta® is a placental tissue allograft that may be used as a protective barrier in wound care applications. The natural properties of amniotic tissue provide mechanical protection and growth factors to support the management of acute and chronic wounds.
  • This is homologous use because serving as a natural covering and offering protection from the surrounding environment are the inherent functions of amniotic membrane.
  • Proprietary processing of the tissue ensures that the natural structure and relevant characteristics are preserved and that the tissue stays hydrated during all processing steps.
  • Spreadable over wound site.
  • Stored in a fluid storage media. Terminally sterilized. 4-year shelf-life.
  • HCPCS: Q4310

Product Information

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PC100 Procenta™ Placental-Derived Allograft 100mg 382567001752
PC200 Procenta™ Placental-Derived Allograft 200mg 382567001769
PC300 Procenta™ Placental-Derived Allograft 300mg 382567001776
PC400 Procenta™ Placental-Derived Allograft 400mg 382567001783